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Finding Your Way Back To Peace

Updated: May 17, 2023

At the time I'm writing this we have spent the last of spring and are moving head on into summer fighting a global pandemic, grieving the murder of George Floyd, seeing protests, voting, still fighting voter suppression, mourning loved ones whose funerals we may or may not have been able to attend. Some of us, still in observation of the quarantine, are home (myself included) looking at news, reading, processing and finally unpacking layers of pain that we didn't even know we were still carrying until the current events picked the scab.

As a mom of 3, I don't ordinarily dive into every news reel of police brutality, mass shooting or death lead that pops up. I can be overly empathetic and I know what I can and cannot handle on a regular basis. I don't deny that it's happening, but I certainly don't consume it all day because I won't be able to function for my kids and convey hope or notice their laughter if I did this without filter. I'd be too busy sobbing all day.

Some can take it in, in high dosages and compartmentalize or it just seemingly rolls off of their backs. Know yourself and what you can handle. Know that you are not the only one struggling to make sense of these times and don't be ashamed of the feelings that do come up when they bubble to the surface. Pray. Journal. Get professional counseling or whatever you need to constructively get through it.

Counting my blessings, taking inventory of the shifts that are happening and the constant hand of God's presence in my life, taking stock of the people that matter the most to me and finding ways to be a part of the solution in whatever way is realistic from where I am right now, connects me to my purpose on this earth. So since I've consumed more than my usual intake of news reporting, I also have had to consciously take in content that helps me balance it for my mental health and well being. It's so important now more that ever to remind myself of simple and practical living principles.

No matter what your faith is, I hope you incorporate Positive Practical Practices, to create mental safe space to replenish yourself during this quarantine and beyond. Because although I may not be able to control what is happening out in the world...

I CAN get spend time getting connected to The Creator

I CAN take in positive content that replenishes what was depleted. I like podcasts, audio books and loved the Bible Scriptures cited in this Blog by Kirstyn Mayden.

I CAN practice gratitude for simple joys and gifts that show up

I CAN offer love, respect, clarity and authenticity in the spaces I enter and cherish. Brene Brown offers some great tips on how to do this.

I CAN reconnect with the people (even if its writing, virtually or by phone)

I CAN pursue the passions and creative pursuits that bring me joy

I CAN disconnect from social media to give myself time to process when I need it

And by showing up whole, I know I'm in a better position to unleash the atomic energy that has been placed in me and have a greater impact. It's the same potential that turns a tiny seed into an apple tree weighted with the abundance of succulent fruit waiting to be shared. We all have that potential within us.

Love, Peace & Balance,

Carina Ayiesha


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