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Coaching Services for Beauty Professionals

I help multi-creative mompreneurs B.L.O.S.S.O.M.

Empowering Mompreneurs for Success

Mompreneur Courses


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  • Blossom Behind the Chair Bundle

    Learn how to earn more while working less to enjoy more life-work balance
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to video tutorial detailing my formula and process
    • Peaceful & Paid Workbook
    • 13 Questions Closer to Your Gifts & Purpose
    • Preview Chapters from Blossom Behind the Chair
    • Elevate your Mind Resource Bundle
    • BONUS 3 Months Free Membership ANHC PRO
  • Mommy Time Bundle

    Delicious Nutritious Meals to Refresh Your Figure, Funds & Free Time
    Valid for 3 months
    • 11 Full color Recipe Cards by Digital Download
    • 3 Easy Ways to Give Yourself A Raise Today Infographic
    • Welcome to Mommy's Kitchen Editable Meal Plan Template
    • Home School Summer Camp Boredom Buster Template
    • Mommy's Self-Care Checklist
  • Blossom Marketing Bundle

    Marketing Templates That Sell
    Valid for 3 months
    • Just swap my pictures for yours and add your brand colors.
    • Business Card template
    • IG templates
    • Newsletter Template
    • Web Banner Template
    • Vertical Sign Template
    • Email Signature
    • Plus as a BONUS! Phone Message Script

Helping Stylists Grow in Passion, Purpose & Profits

Stylist Consulting

Hi! I'm Carina Ayiesha

Holistic Beauty Specialist

Don't let a peach with one seed tell you, you can't be a strawberry. Embrace your creative potential. I’m  a wife, mom of 3, holistic beauty specialist, multi-media artist, author and consultant. It's taken years to see how my talents could coexist, and I'm still learning and growing to trust God's timing, but there's joy in the journey.

I work with clients to bring out their beauty from the inside out, so they can enjoy a life of purpose, passion, and profits. Get the first life-work playbook designed with natural hair care professionals and multi-creatives in mind and get practical tips on how you can discover your unique purpose. Create a life that prioritizes the loved ones, causes  and adventures you desire to experience.  

Learn how to structure your life to earn more while working less hours so you can experience emotional peace and abundance from a salon professional who has been in the industry for over 23 years and has experience navigating loss, starting over, balancing being a wife, mom, entrepreneur, community advocate, and homeschooler.

My priorities are the reason why it was important to me to have a  2-3 day work week. Learn the strategies I use to earn more, while working less. Did it happen overnight? No, but it won't have to take you as long as it took me to get there.

Book Your 15 Minute Discovery Consultation Session


Where are you now and where would you like to go? Let's discuss this together to find out your next steps using my B.L.O.S.S.O.M. process for holistic well being to help you grow in purpose, passion and profits.

Book a 15 minute discovery call with me to get started. Gain all the resources you need to take your business development to the next level. 15 min., 30 min and 1 hr sessions are available.



Book a 1 hour Session and Receive:

  • Customized resources based on your goals.​

  • My E-Book, Blossom Behind the Chair:10 Tools to Help Independent Natural Hairstylists Grow in Purpose, Passion & Profits.($18.00 Value)

  • A 50% off coupon for a Mompreneneur Digital Bundle of your choice.($49 i value)

  • 3 MONTHS FREE MEMBERSHIP ANHC PRO! $45 in savings and priceless in value! It's your gateway to one of the best natural hair trade organizations and business consulting services in the nation!                                                                                                                                                    

  • WHEN YOU GET ME, YOU GET MY TEAM.  Included in your 3 month trial is access to:​                     

    • Group Q &A's from industry professionals who are leaders in the fields of :                                 

      • Marketing, P.R. & Promotions

      • Intellectual property law

      •  Branding

      •  Product development

      •  Business consulting

      •  Cosmetic manufacturing

      • Business accounting for salon professionals

      • Industry specific grants, jobs and more!                                                                           

    • Natural Hair Care Professionals Webinar Library

    • Access to a community of natural hair care professional meet ups, conferences and events 

    • Stay in the know with latest developments in natural hair laws and news.

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