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What Type of Treatments

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Loc Treatments

Caring for locs is about so much more than just a quick wash and a style. It's about deeply cleaning and styling your locs with the right products to prevent damage. Long and X-long locs require more time to shampoo than someone with shoulder length locs because product needs to be rinsed thoroughly from the hair. Not rinsing hair completely can lead to product build up that can also attract lint.  Typically it takes me 25-30 minutes to shampoo longer length locs. Treatments provide an even deeper cleaning experience and customized maintenance experience. 

Loose Naturals

Loose Natural Treatments

Lint Extraction Video

Lint Extraction in Progress...

This has to be done carefully. Sometimes there is so much lint embedded in the locs, you may have to cut, color, or do a repair if all of the lint is removed. The best thing to do is to prevent it by:

  •  Sleeping with a satin pillowcase or scarf.


  • Protecting your hair from sweaters and scarfs during the fall and winter seasons. 

  •  Avoid using products that attract the lint, like beeswax and heavy conditioners and pomades.

  •  Check your hair regularly and request an assessment. I check before I shampoo my clients and remove anything I see at the surface, but scheduling an extraction may be necessary if you have more.

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