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Practicing cooperative economics helps us bloom.   

~Carina Ayiesha

Let's Grow Together...

If you are a client and have a business that you would like to share with our community submit your request at the link below.

Meet The Team

One of the things that I miss the most about the shift in my scheduling due to the pandemic is that my clients don't have the same opportunity to network with one another.  I have been fortunate enough to service some of the best and the brightest that our city has to offer, and I LOVE connecting people with one another. Especially when one client expresses a need and I know someone who may be a great fit to serve that need. This directory is my way of bringing some of that community love back. Let's continue to support  one another and set a standard of excellence that makes people get excited to share the good news!
The BBD does not  promote any businesses that advertises vapes, marijuana, or any drug related paraphernalia. 
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