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Presented by Carina Ayiesha

Our family's Top 10 Quick Go To Recipes

Ready in 30 minutes or less, approved by all of us (including our picky eaters) and nutrient dense, these recipes have saved me time, moneey, are nutritious and taste great. Most can be prepared in 15 minutes or less. I included 2 that with cook time will require more than 30 minutes, but are make ahead friendly, and can save you from having to cook for that meal for the rest of the week If frozen ahead.

Tips & Short Cuts

 Meal prep kitchen hacks  to save you even more money and time by showing you how to prep produce fast to prepare it for smoothies and avoid spoilage, how I 10X my smoothies for pennies per serving, swapped soft drinks for delicious herbal teas without adding sugar and more!

Welcome to Mommy's Kitchen Menu

 This is an editable template when you sign up for Canva's free account but can be printed as is and used in your home to take away meal-time decision fatigue. Additionally, It works with our homeschool curriculum to teach the children about food and cultures around the world.

Mommy's Self-Care Checklist

Includes an actual list of affordable activities you can do (many are right at home) to practice self-care with the additional time you just scored.


Also includes a Loving Behavior Reference  Guide to help with setting boundaries


Brown Family Boredom Buster

This is also an editable document with a free Canva account. This is perfect for home schoolers and as a home summer camp curriculum guide. Nourish your children mind, body and soul with suggested self-directed activities that empower them to manage their time, nurture their gifts, exercise and bridge learning gaps.

Best Value

Mommy Time Bundle



Delicious Nutritious Meals to Refresh Your Figure, Funds & Free Time

Valid for 3 months

11 Full color Recipe Cards by Digital Download

3 Easy Ways to Give Yourself A Raise Today Infographic

Welcome to Mommy's Kitchen Editable Meal Plan Template

Home School Summer Camp Boredom Buster Template

Mommy's Self-Care Checklist

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