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About me

Hi, I’m Carina! I can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced life.

What does peace of mind look like to you?  We all handle loss and our life experiences differently. For me, the loss of my baby sister when I was a little girl, and as a woman—the loss of my mom, deeply impacted how I prioritize my life and how I perceived peace, joy and success.  There have been family members and friends who's unexpected transitions only solidified this perspective. After years of working long late hours,  I knew that when I became a mom—things would have to change. Quality time with loved ones, financial stability and expression of my creative potential—which included supporting causes I care about, are important to me. 

As far back s I can remember, I was always at home when I got to do anything creative. Intersecting and balancing them has always been my greatest gift and greatest challenge, but this journey is my happy place. It's proven to be a useful asset in coming up with solutions for my clients in and out of the studio, and has helped me to be a part of creating some memorable events.

Finding  life- balance is a never ending process, but I've noticed how impactful making small tweaks in my habits overtime has changed my life, and I'd love to help you uncover more of your creative potential by showing you how you can get more of your time back by making more money in less time, to pursue the the experiences that bring you joy without feeling like you're sacrificing your financial responsibilities.

  Although hair has been one of my first loves, it wasn't my only, and what enriched my time behind the chair, was allowing more of the other parts of myself to come into bloom. So catch  your bouquet! It's only going to make the world more fragrant!🌸

My Methods

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My method for living a more balanced life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for more life-work balance and financial growth.

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