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Learning Through Play

Updated: May 20

Let’s face it. This isn’t a new concept. Nobody likes to be bored out of their minds when they’re learning something new. How can you possibly stay awake to consume the information in that mind state?

I may be dating myself, but this isn’t your old school Mad Lib pad. And yes, we still love Mad libs at our house. My son has even enjoyed creating his own. What I’m talking about is burning some calories with the children while they learn to count to 100, the 50 states and their capitols or even turning that study guide into a video game that they can play on their own. Let’s dig into some of the resources that we can use to encourage our children to learn while they play!

Music They Can Move To

Apple podcast and Youtube have an array of upbeat science, social studies, writing and math songs by artists who make music that they can dance to while reinforcing what they’re learning in school. Some of our favorites are:

Video Games

Online games such as Kahoot! and Quizizz have been around for a while and you may find that your student’s teacher has been utilizing them for a while. If they are, it’s a tool that you can also use at home. I recently found out about Blooket from my son’s teacher and my children absolutely love it! It allows you or your child to upload questions that may be in their study guide, and then the software takes the same questions and answers and converts into a playable video game based on the one they want to play. Twinkl also has features that allow students to play games designed by educators for their members. There are a plethora of games that are compatible on different devices HERE. You may be trying to reduce their screen/device time, but there are so many educational options to choose from, that playtime can be education time too.

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