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Aug 28, 2022

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created some unique challenges with many students, but when parents, educators, and communities pull together, we can give all of our children the foundation and tools they need to succeed during uncertain times.

In Gwinnett County Georgia, one of the tools students can benefit from is their resource and text book page in My-eclass. It’s the first page they see when they logging in. On it, students can access digital resources with modules that align with what your child is learning in their various subjects. Once they are logged in, each subject or specials course has an array of resources to enrich your child’s learning experience. It may look like this:

Another resource that is often underutilized is the library. In Gwinnett County, all students enrolled in public schools automatically have access to an array of digital resources, books and classes through Gwinnett County Public Library. Their access ID will be their student ID number and the first four digits of their password which is their birthday. With their library card they have access to:

  • Free tutoring through
  • Digital Books
  • Audio Books
  • Up to 3 free tickets to the Atlanta Zoo
  • Online career certifications
  • Free checkout of select digital equipment 

Additionally, if you want to set up your own GCP library account, there are an array of exciting classes and even certifications in some areas for FREE through GALE Courses . Your library card is literally your passport to information. Check with the public library in your area to see what resources are available.

If you are looking for any additional resources to print out specific worksheets based on lessons they’re learning, interactive games or to reinforce their learning with learning objective specific slide shows designed by teachers, check out Twinkl or Teachers Pay Teachers. Lessons can be purchased individually or you can purchase a subscription to download and print from their data base.

For online videos, you can also subscribe to youtube channels that focus on educational videos. Early grade elementary teachers and students enjoy Jack Hartman videos and there are lots of informative tutorial videos on Khan Academy. Although these are just a few, you’ll find many that will be related when you begin your search. To sum it up, just like and subscribe to the one’s that your child seems to engage in the most and that aligns with what they are learning in class.

For more ideas on fun ways to keep your children engaged and excited about learning, check out :

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