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Fun & Fit With the Fam at Home

Aug 01, 2020
So you may be one of those moms that are home on quarantine and trying to figure out what to do with your little ones now that they're home. You may even be deciding whether or not you are going to send them to school this fall or continue virtual learning from home. If you decide to keep them home, know that there are benefits to creating a family routine. There are some parents that prefer a more free range parenting style and I incorporate a little bit of that. But for the most part, I prefer structure with breathing room. Fitness is integrated into our family goals and has become a vital part of our summer homeschooling routine.
I was initially introduced to Kids HIIT Workout and Apple Jaxx through my son's PE teacher, Coach Rio, during his virtual coaching sessions with the students this spring. It's been a great addition to keep us moving throughout the summer. I found Sports Kids on You tube and Mark D. Pencil's music has been a family favorite for almost a decade. These exercise have become a fun part of our daily routine and the children have gotten into them so much, they request them and have coached me through them when I wanna punk out!
Coach Jhai & Maya doing Kids HIIT Workout Edit Image
Coach Jhai & Maya doing Kids HIIT Workout
In the Kid's HIIT Workout, lead by Moe Jones, there are beginner videos as well as videos that are more advanced to challenge you if need it. My son loves it because he said it makes him "feel the burn." I was so proud of him because one day my youngest son got into something and I ended up having to clean it up. By the time I was done, it was time to get their lunches ready.
My son, got this eye of the tiger look on his face and started moving the furniture. He was determined to get his work out in! My 4 year old daughter was inspired and joined him. The youngest one at 18 months is already learning some of the moves and it seems that his favorite is the bend and shoot. Often when we work out together, Jhai motivates me when I get weary (usually during push ups ugh!). Maya ended up leading the charge a few days later. Now is it always that way? No! But most days they're engaged and I love that know our routines.
Jumping Jax Gym Cardio Kids Workout
Jumping Jax Cardio Kids Fitness with Coach Scott Edit Image
Jumping Jax Cardio Kids Fitness with Coach Scott
My children really enjoy this one as well. I love Coach Scott's infectious energy in the video. He does a great job motivating, highlighting their strengths and teaching them to respect their body's needs. He encourages them to stay hydrated during the workout, and because of the ranges of flexibility in the participants, children and adults can see what the exercises look like in beginning and advanced stages without feeling pressure to do it one way. I also appreciate that he shows them how to do resistance training with what they have at home. We didn't have free weights at one time that were light enough for the little ones to use, but he shows them how they could workout effectively with what they have, even if it's a water or Gatorade bottle.
Little Sports Exercise For Kids
Little Sports Exercises For Kids Edit Image
Little Sports Exercises For Kids
What We love. It's an animation so they kind of feel like they're watching a cartoon while they work out. Also, it is extremely clear and to the point. The children can clearly see, the name of each exercise they're doing, how many more reps they have to go before they're done, How far along they are through the course of the work out and as they approach the end of a set, a thumbnail pops up on the lower right screen so they can get in position for the next exercise or rest period. I also love that there are lots of videos to choose from and you can focus on different body groups in each video. This has been another gem.
Mark D. Pencil
Mark D. Pencil CD's and downloads Edit Image
Mark D. Pencil CD's and downloads

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