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Black Owned Sunscreen Brands We Love

Jun 18, 2020
By Carina Ayiesha | Holistic Beauty Specialist
Black Girls Sunscreen 101 Edit Image
Black Girls Sunscreen 101
The answer is YES!
So now that you know, we're faced with two challenges:
1. What sunscreen should I use?
2. Does it have toxic chemicals that will give more problems I don't need?
3. Is it going to leave that horrible white residue all over me?
So usually when I'm trying to find a good sunscreen I check out the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) website to see what's safe. They're an awesome activist group that researches chemical pollutants in our drinking water, food and even sunscreens. The only challenge is, even though I check there to learn what chemicals to avoid in my sunscreen, I still don't know which of those products won't look white on my skin.I've also never seen these featured on their list. Maybe I overlooked it. Maybe it's so new they haven't had time to researched it yet, but I'm a use my platform to show them some love. Why am I so excited? In addition to supporting a black woman entrepreneur, all these brands:
~Offer Broad-Spectrum Protection
~Are Free of Parabens, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate
~Look Great On The Diaspora of Black Skin Tones
~Vegan and Infused With Natural Ingredients We Love
*UPDATE : I wrote a letter to EWG expressing how much I appreciate their contribution to educating the public about toxic chemicals in our food and beauty products, but I also let them know about these companies and that they need to be included on their list. For the first time ever, I got an email from them that was specifically related to toxic chemicals found in many commonly used black beauty products (like relaxers). Y'all know I haven't seen creamy crack since 1994 but hopefully it means somebody is listening. No word about including my sunscreen list yet but maybe a seed got planted. Let's hope the queens get the kudos they deserve!
Yarisley Silva Pole vaulting champion from Cuba Edit Image
Yarisley Silva Pole vaulting champion from Cuba
For years we've struggled with products that we needed but were not designed with us in mind. This has sparked so much innovation for creative entrepreneurs that understand our demographic because they walked in our shoes.I love supporting company's that are built from the heart and now I don't have to settle for sunscreen that has me looking pasty or contain harmful ingredients. These women are literally pole vaulting the competition in the ingredient category. Whoop!! Whoop!!! Let's blow them a Beso!
Unsun Sunscreen Edit Image
Unsun Sunscreen
"Founded by Katonya Breaux in 2016, after much frustration by the lack of options within the world of clean sunscreen products for women of color. Unsun Cosmetics was created to provide clean, no-residue options that were kind to the person using it as well as the environment it's being used in." UnSun packs a protective punch because it contains cream of the crop ingredients for natural broad-spectrum protection, which is Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.
I love that she educates consumers about sunscreen myths and facts and that it's mineral tinted so it gives you a little glow. I've used this product before and It's almost like wearing really sheer makeup when you don't feel like wearing makeup and sunscreen ( which can feel like a lot.. especially in the summer). Most days I go without makeup. So this is my busy mom, one stop shop so I can get on with my life sunscreen. I'm not contouring everyday. I'm off to a great start when I remembered to brush my teeth in the morning and not in the afternoon these days. Don't judge me. Ain't no hood like motherhood on quarantine. Anyway, just be sure you get the tint that's best for you.
I'm on the darker side so I have to massage this in a bit. I have worn this and forgotten I had it on because it's so light. A client/friend looked at me and after a while said, " Girl there is just something about you today. You are just glowing! Is that what they mean when they talk about the after glow?" The expression on her face was everything. I was rolling!! Do you see why I blog now? I finally get to fuse these worlds. Find your shade. It comes in light and medium/dark.
Black Girl Sunscreen Edit Image
Black Girl Sunscreen
"Black Girl Sunscreen uses NO parabens, or other harmful chemicals while infusing the finest ingredients to shield and moisturize your melanated skin without the dreaded white residue common with most sunscreen."
Why I'm excited:
Ultra sheer coverage in a black bottle That means I can probably convince my hubby to use it. Y'all know they don't want your floral bottles and he needs protection too.
Generous Size bottle for the price point. This is a great feature since I have 3 little ones that need protection.
Black Girl Sunscreen Kids is also water resistant, so it's perfect for swimming and running through sprinklers.
UPDATE: I ordered mine and I love it! So this delivers as promised. Sheer coverage that disappears into the skin! This doesn't offer any blemish coverage. It's super light. But I haven't been as concerned about that lately so I've been using this more frequently. My 9 year old son who's into everything ninja was like, " Mom! I don't look like a Kabuki!" I fell flat out! So,'s a win. Video update coming soon.
NOTE I don't receive sponsorship or affiliate marketing percentages from these companies. I'm just stoked to share a good thing.
If you know of a black owned sunscreen brand with great ingredients that you love, subscribe and message me. I'll add it and blow them a beso!
Love, Peace & Balance,
Meet Carina Ayiesha Edit Image

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